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Become Better
in Maths

Continous Improvement Program which eliminates gaps in learning and builds logical approach to Maths.

CBSE | Class 3 to 8











Assess your Learning

MagoGenie has short assessments for every chapter which are designed to detect any gaps in learning. After studying any chapter, student can take this assessment and check for learning gaps.


Personalized Feedback

Personalized feedback highlights the Key strengths and doubt areas for a chapter. This allows children to take timely action on improving their doubt areas and to strengthen their understanding of that chapter.


Learn for Mastery

Conceptual videos along with Levelled Practice clears the doubts areas of the child and nudges them on the path to Mastery .

Levelled Practise



Each chapter is broken into small concepts for in depth learning.



Three difficulty levels for every concept ensures thorough practice and adapts to the current ability of the child.



Time-bound test after every chapter to feel confident about superb performance in any exam.


Schools and NGOs who have adopted the Assess-Feedback-Learn methodology and seeing a visible improvement in their students.


MagoGenie is a Maths learning program which identifies learning gaps, gives personalized feedback and guides the student to attain mastery of maths concepts through level wise practice.

After working with 12000 students for last three years, we found that there are three main problems faced by the students while learning Maths:

  • I memorise since I dont understand : Maths has very strong progression. One concept builds on top of another. If there are any gaps in learning of one concept, then concepts which are built on top of this foundational concept is not understood. This gap in learning goes undetected and students struggle in understadning maths. The only option they have is to memorise the formulas and steps so that they can score good marks.
  • My learning = Marks : Main feedback about student's learning is based on Marks. Marks is a good tool to understand the overall knowledge of a chapter but it doesnt tell the students what concepts they know and what concepts they needs to improve upon. Marks also brings the stigma of being labelled as good or bad student. Student lack a feedback system which gives them meaningful feedback about learning while being non judgemental.
  • Maths = Calculations: Students think of Maths as calcuations. Their text books, workbooks and tests focus on checking the calcualation speed and their memory of formulas and steps. There are very few problems where they need to think, reason, apply logic and solve questions. Due to lack of the use of their thinking abilities, maths become a boring subject with repetitive calculations and steps.

MagoGenie was created by a team of Maths experts, Teachers, Students and Technologists. The team did in-depth research and pilots over the years to discover how a child can be better at Maths. All the learnings have been incorporated in MagoGenie with the sole aim of helping every student excel in Maths.

MagoGenie is used by the student based upon their need:

  • To identify learning gaps : When a chapter is completed in the school, then the student can use MagoGenie to assess for gaps in learning.
  • To resolve their doubts: They can watch conceptual videos and do level wise practise to convert their doubts to strengths.
  • To build logical thinking: They can use MagoGenie to practise higher order questions and attain mastery of maths concepts.

The questions in Maths text books are focused on calculations and steps. In MagoGenie, students build their understanding of a concept both visually and mathematically. Then they solve problems which makes them apply the concept in real life scenarios. After that, higher order thinking problems are given to build an in depth understanding of the concept. Once, the student goes through these three levels for a concept, they feel super confident and can solve any problem related to that concept.

MagoGenie assesses and identifies if your child has any learning gaps. It also provides a detailed feedback for improvement. The level wise practice questions on MagoGenie will build your child's fundamentals and logic. This will help them to convert their doubt areas into their strengths.

MagoGenie has been designed for the students studying between classess 3 to 8th studing in CBSE board.

These classes are the foundational years for building a solid base in Maths. Also, during these years, either students love Maths or start hating it. Our purpose is to make Maths Learning joyful, conceptual and logic driven during these formative years so that students are set up for success in Boards and future Competitive Exams.

MagoGenie is currently available only for Mathematics. However, in future we are planning to come with other subject’s as well. Thank you for your interest.

MagoGenie is fully aligned to CBSE and follows National Curriculum Framework.

Marks is an outcome of learning. We believe that if students are driving their own learning, getting timely feedback and building logical thinking, they would score great marks in exams. Also, they would enjoy the learning process, become independent and strive for excellence.

MagoGenie should be used on need basis by the student.

  • When a chapter is completed in the school, then the student can use MagoGenie to assess their learning.
  • They can also use MagoGenie to practise higher order questions and build their logic.
  • If there are doubts, they can watch short videos and do level wise practise.

MagoGenie has been designed to work on Firefox, Safari and Chrome. We recommend that you use one of these browsers to enjoy MagoGenie experience.

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