A Happy Child

A happy child is always more responsible, accountable and tolerant.

Inculcating positive attitude in our younger generation is more important than helping them score high grades.

A child with a high self esteem, who feels protected and loved, is always a happy child. And to have a high self esteem the child doesn’t need to be a top ranker, or a super athlete or an all-rounder. Of course if he/she has these skills they are sure add-on&rsq ...read more

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Is Peer Pressure all bad?

Peer pressure is not all negative. BUT when this pressure becomes a cause of concern for your child and you, then yes, it is a cause to worry about and do something about it.

Peer Pressure is a hotly discussed word everywhere.  It is about being influenced to do things which you otherwise wouldn’t do. The reasons are

  • To be like your friends
  • Being accepted by them as being cool
  • To be included and be popula ...read more
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Positively parenting a child’s forgetful and irresponsible behaviour

“A child who always forgets has a parent who always remembers!”

I have seen moms running after their children doing little favours for them, reminding them about things ranging from mundane to very important. It’s like we moms have no break at all. We are doing it all, managing the home responsibilities, our jobs, our children our husbands without tiring, day in and day out. And then comes a day when we utterly break down, completely fatigued and won ...read more

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After-school extracurricular activities versus free play for our children

After a long day at school comprising of 7 hours and then some additional hours in the bus transit, kids finally return to the solace of their home generally by late afternoon between 2pm to 4m depending on how early they left their homes. After such a harrowing long day they expect to find some free time and some peace and quiet.

As soon as they enter the home, the mom or the house keeper (if she is a good one) is waiting with a warm lunch and a clock for them. A clock which says cha ...read more

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Your kid comes home scoring low marks, what is your reaction?

Remember as per the new education policy (The Free and Compulsory Education Act) no child can be detained till grade VIII

Suraj was down with throat infection and on the eve of his exam he developed a high grade fever. His mother Priya, is all stressed out, sad, “my little sweet heart has studied so well but now he is unable to give his exam she reckons”.  They both go to sleep with the hope that the fever will reduce by tomorrow ...read more

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