Exam Preparation with MagoGenie

Practice all topics

First stop: Practise and practise and practise.
For every chapter, for every sub-topic you’ll find questions of multiple difficulty levels so you don’t miss out on any concept.

Learn all first term topics

It’s the end of the school year and you remember just bits and pieces of what you’d learnt back then. Worry not, master every chapter in depth and keep an eye on your accuracy. As soon as you cross 90% you know you’re ready to go!

Create assessment for second term topics

Next, go to assess and create a test that covers every chapter in your second term. Once you’ve taken the test, you’ll get reports that will help you find out which chapters you need to work on the most.

Learn topics that need attention

Since you know which chapters are high-need, you can then practise them again till your accuracy rises to a 90%. This means you’ll be completely ready for any test!

Take mock exam

You’ve learnt everything! Now just the last step remains, to take a mock exam. This will help make sure that in a stressful exam environment you don’t get to worried and still put your best foot forward. You can create another test using ‘Assess’ for this.

Again study topics that need attention

The reports of your mock exam will help you understand just how exam ready you are. With all this practice there’ll be absolutely no unpleasant surprises come exam day. All you have to do is use the reports to make sure you spend your time studying effectively.

Parents can track progress

And at every step of the above process, you as a parent are informed about your child’s progress. Use this opportunity to show your child how much you care by celebrating successes together and providing support when required.