Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is MagoGenie?
    • MagoGenie is an online platform where students can learn Maths and cement their mathematical concepts.
    • It provides a personalized learning environment which adapts the difficulty level to the student’s performance and keeps the student engaged and challenged.
  2. How does MagoGenie help the child?
    • MagoGenie helps the child learn the Maths concepts taught in school and attain mastery. Detailed reporting highlights the strengths and improvement areas of the child and helps him/her keep a track of their progress.
    • The difficulty of questions are adapted to the current learning level of the child.
    • Gradually, the difficulty is increased to ensure complete understanding of the topic and to build key skills like critical thinking and logical reasoning.
  3. How does MagoGenie help teachers and parents understand the child’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • MagoGenie will create detailed reports of performance as the child completes tasks which revolve around various chapters/topics. These charts of progress can give an idea of how performance in different topics compare to each other and how the child is doing compared to the rest of the class.
    • In addition MagoGenie recommends areas where the child may need more practice to master concepts.
  4. Who creates content for the question bank in MagoGenie?
    • Mathematicians and/or people who hold an advanced degree in Mathematics work on the content. They are teachers who have taught in schools and understand the needs of the children. The question bank is aligned to CBSE and State Board curriculum.
    • Along with our in-house Content Specialists, school teachers and parents can also create questions and assignments.
    • All the questions go through a detailed review process with our content specialists before it is available in the question bank.
  5. Can teachers and parents create questions?
    • Yes. In addition to using questions from our question bank, teachers/parents can create their own questions. We have a fully equipped toolbox that allows questions creation using Mathematical symbols and equations.
  6. Are all questions of the multiple-choice type?
    • No, there are many different ways we evaluate the understanding of the child. Questions in the question bank encourage children to think through multiple steps for coming up with an answer.
    • Questions vary from fill in the blanks, entering equations, multi-choice to subjective answers.
  7. Are there subjective questions? If yes, how do they get evaluated?
    • Yes, teachers and parents can create subjective questions for a topic and tag them with appropriate difficulty levels. Grading of these questions is done by parents/teachers manually to assign step-wise marking.
  8. Are questions available for all chapters/topics covered in the school syllabus?
    • Yes, MagoGenie is completely aligned to CBSE and Maharashtra State Board.
  9. Is MagoGenie safe for children?
    • Absolutely. Our curators review all of the content for its relevancy and accuracy.
    • To help children switch up their study schedules a little, we have activities for them built-in.Continuous reviews ensure there is no objectionable content on
  10. How are assignments created on Magogenie?
    • Assignments can be created by clicking on the ‘Create Revision’ button from the main dashboard. Assignments can be created in two ways:
      • Auto-generated from the question bank – Input the number of questions and topics/subtopics for which the assignment needs to be created. MagoGenie will automatically create an assignment and assign it to the child.
      • Create your own questions and design a practice test completely customized to the requirements of the class/individual child.
  11. Can a parent see how a child is doing in school assignments?
    • Yes, if the child’s school is signed up with MagoGenie, parents can see completed assignments and track the child's progress via the detailed reports available on MagoGenie.
  12. Can teachers see how the class is doing in Maths?
    • Yes. If your child’s school is signed up with MagoGenie, teachers can create revisions and track the child's progress via the detailed reports available on MagoGenie.
  13. What infrastructure do I need to use MagoGenie?
    • To use MagoGenie, all you need is a computer with Internet access.
    • We support the following browsers:
      • Internet Explorer 10+
      • Chrome 30+
      • Firefox 25+
      • Opera 20+
  14. Can my child use MagoGenie from a mobile device or tablet?
    • can be accessed from any smart mobile phone.However, we recommend the use of either desktop, laptop or tablet computers.
  15. What if I need to contact you?
    • We can be contacted via email or phone number as mentioned below:
      Phone: +91 9011 534 919